Developer Edition and T-Mobile Moto X Price Drops Ahead of Moto Maker


Following the other carrier versions, the Developer Edition and T-Mobile Moto X (XT1053) both had a price drop yesterday.

The Developer Edition dropped from $649 to $549 for both the GSM and Verizon versions. The Developer Edition sports a custom Black front with Woven White back and geek pride Developer Edition text on the back. The GSM version is SIM unlocked, has 32Gb of storage and available only on Motorola’s website.

The T-Mobile Moto X came down from the previous $599.99 price to $499. It is still only available in Woven Black or Woven White but we are hoping the rumor of being able to design your own T-Mobile Moto X with the Moto Maker design tool today proves true. Storage is limited to 16Gb onboard storage but it does not carry a contract and can be SIM unlocked pretty easy. There is still no sign of the Moto X being available at T-Mobile retail stores.

Are these price drops enough to get you to bite on a new Moto X or does the Nexus 5 have your attention now?

Kevin Krueger

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