Ingress app no longer requires invites and now open to the public


Fill your gas tank in your car, put some running sneakers on, find a local Google+ Ingress community (in your faction of course…  Unless you’re a spy), hit the pavement and try to take over the world with Ingress.

For almost a year now the Ingress app has been a beta invite only game (it still had over a million downloads at invite only). Well the folks at Niantic Project must feel it’s ready for the general public because there are no invites required to play this free and addictive interactive global control game. Now that no invite is required you can just hop on over to Google Play, download Ingress, pick your faction and start raising hell in your neck of the woods.

A lot of high level beta testers for Ingress were worried that their characters, levels and achievements would all be wiped to create a level playing field for all of the Ingress noobs that will be learning the ropes, but all the stats stayed. I personally think everything should have been wiped as it’s impossible for a level 1 to do any kind of damage to a level 8 agent. But….   That’s just me. So all of you level one players start grinding and hook up with some local higher level agents to help you out.


As you can see I'm a level 6

For those of you that have been waiting for an invite and gave up because they were hard to come by, hit the link below for the Google Play link for Ingress and start busting your ass for territory.

Google Play link for Ingress (Free)

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