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Don’t let the name fool you. Although CellTraderOnline is a place where the most current and up to date cell phones, tablets and laptops are sold, bought and traded. These guys do have all the newest gadgets for sale and trade. Looking for a Note 3 or an LG G2?  CTO’s got you covered. The latest Android and iOS tablets on the shelves?  They got em. Laptops?  Yup.

There’s something else this forum offers besides the latest gadgets for sale or trade (it is the best dam place to conduct this kind of business BTW). CTO is filled with knowledgeable users from all over the world that have answers to any kind of cellphone, tablets, carriers(GSM and CDMA) and every other geeky answer you need. Or, if you want to shoot the crap about your new gadget, football team or day, they have an off topic forum and thread that makes you feel at home. The mods and admins don’t give you one word answers to questions just pointing you in the right direction. These guys take the time to learn everyone’s first name!  Very nice touch and feels good. The users give all of the same considerations. You’ll NEVER see “you’re in the wrong section NOOB, bring it to Q&A” (sound familiar?).  Need to know what phone will work on what carrier?  I guarantee Kevin has the answer. Is Dallas or San Francisco the better football team?  Dave will tell ya. Need help getting acquainted with the rules placed at CTO for buying, selling and trading?  Mike, Justin and the gang will be there to assist you and make you feel at home (these guys are the best of the best).  Have some Dev or gaming questions?  Ask Ken.

I think you get my point. CTO is hands down the best place to upgrade, downgrade or sell your gadget to make a few bucks. Just as important it’s a place we all love to hang, brag about our gadgets, ask questions and make some friends in the process. Stop by! Sell, buy and trade your gadgets. While you’re waiting for a bite, come chew the fat with us.


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David Quillinan

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Dave is the owner and founder of Android Fan Network, has a special place in his heart for Google Play Edition devices, and stock Android. When he's not writing for AFN, you can find him at lurking the forums.

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      Lol. You guys are awesome!