Dual Boot Samsung Galaxy S4 (Qualcomm Only)


Flashaholics we have some good news for you, you can now dual boot your Samsung Galaxy S4 (with triple boot coming soon). As of now it’s only possible for Qualcomm based Samsung Galaxy S4 which means it will work on the i9505, US & Canadian Samsung Galaxy S4. I just dual booted by T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4 and right now am running MIUI as my primary and Task650′s AOKP as my secondary. User installed apps and data is not shared between the 2 roms.

Below are the roms, kernels and gapps supported as of now:-


  • CyanogenMod and CyanogenMod-based ROMs
  • Task650′s AOKP
  • PAC-Man
  • Google Edition (MaKTaiL)
  • ParanoidAndroid (Vertigo, most likely other versions too)
  • MIUI
  • Slim Bean


  • ktoonsez’s AOSP 4.3
  • faux123′s jb43
  • ChronicKernel jb43 AOSP
  • Infamous kernel (UNTESTED)
  • Ausdim kernel (UNTESTED)
  • Adam kernel (UNTESTED)
  • Plain boot.img files (ramdisk replaced with CyanogenMod’s)


  • SuperSU
  • Google Apps for Task650′s AOKP
  • Google Apps for CyanogenMod and PAC-Man

You can ask the creator of the mod to add any other rom or kernel you want to. For more details and download links head over to the original thread at xda.


Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 head here.


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