What’s New in Android 4.3

Today we got a few new devices and confirmed Android 4.3 is still Jelly Bean. The UI has remained more or less unchanged, however, there have been a few behind the scenes changes for additional hardware support and a tweaking of how a few things are done.
Phone Dialer has gained autocomplete, a feature HTC Sense users have enjoyed going back to early releases of Sense on Gingerbread devices. So far, this has been the most useful so earns a top place on my list. Disabled apps in the apps settings menu have been moved from the bottom of the “All” tab to a new “Disabled” tab. For families that share a device (like ours) there are now restricted profiles to limited access to certain apps and faster user switching from the lock screen.

In the back ground there have been a few tweaks as well.
OpenGL ES, an industry standard for high performance graphics, was bumped up to version 3.0 and wireless screen sharing has been added for the Nexus 10 and new Nexus 7. Bluetooth Low-Energy (Google is calling this Bluetooth Smart) to interact with Bluetooth accessories and Bluetooth AVRCP 1.3 support to display song names on a car stereo have been added.

In all, a few nice changes. A full list and details can be found on the Android team’s website at the source link below.

Source: Google

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