Moto X $399 Off-Contract!


My personal favorite phone for 2013 just got even better in the price department. Motorola’s Senior Vice President of Product Management,  Rick Osterloh, announced the Moto X will be selling for $399 for an off-contract purchase. The $399 price tag gets you a customized Moto X by Moto Maker with 16GB of storage. This excludes the bamboo back which will still set you back an additional $100 for some wood. Not mentioned is the the Moto X with 32GB of storage also dropped in price and is available for $449.

This is incredible news going in to 2014 and hopefully will be a trend setter for this year and years to come (I’m looking at you Samsung). I imagine the Moto X will be essentially free when you ink a two-year contract with your current crooks carriers.

In my opinion, the Moto X was the most innovative phone for 2013 for countless reasons and now this news of a $399 price tag just sealed the deal for the best phone of the year for me.

Now for my favorite quote going in to 2014 -

“Because you should have the freedom to buy a great device when you want, without chaining yourself down.

Happy new year!”

Rick Osterloh
Senior Vice President – Product Management

Source: Motorola

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